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“IDENTITY THIEF” Movie Review. AIN’T that bad, for BAWLING out LOUD.








To be fair, the advertising didn’t pin-point to anything cutesy or sweety about the movie.

But if you are able to settle for pure laughs and just move along with the flow, you can be in for a real treat.

Because “IDENTITY THIEF” is one goof of a gem, layering nonsensical banter all the way. It’s a journey of redemption for a fat, foul albeit atrocious female con artist called Diana (MELISSA McCARTHY) with her dim-witted male victim Sandy (JASON BATEMAN) hot on her heels.

Naturally you’ve to switch on your suspension of disbelief gear when you witness our fat leading lady getting all kinds of beastly damage being done to her.

She is ungraciously swashed in the face with a monstrous frying pan, conked on the head with a solid toaster, run over by a car and a whole load more cracks, and yet remains unscathed, but the sadistic streak in you will tickle your spine and have you bursting into hysterics.

Diana is a computer-savvy con artist who traps unsuspecting victims into divulging their Social Security numbers and birth dates, using this information to crank out fake credit cards to go on expensive shopping sprees.

She’s a sociopath, a single lonely woman with excesses:  she eats, drinks, lies and steals with compulsion.

She’s a hard-core hoarder of household appliances: dishwashers, microwaves and  an enormous jet ski she keeps parked on her front lawn.

Now our exasperated hero Sandy has to fly halfway across the country  to track the con woman and brings her back to his county in order clear his name and recover his losses.

Critics from the West happily lauded this one with a two-thumbs down.

It’s likely the type of movie that will garner an approving nod in the East.

“IDENTITY THIEF” boasts two unlikely comedians, JASON BATEMAN and MELISSA McCARTHY.

They both share an affable chemistry in this formulaic road trip spoof directed by SETH GORDON.

Feeling blue after a hard day’s grind?

Then let “IDENTITY THIEF” do the trick.

You might leave the cinema beaming like a full moon.

Check it out.

Feeling dista

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