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IF you are YOUNGER THAN SPRINGTIME, then you are the YOUNG ONE.



We are re-visiting this vintage article that was originally written for this blog in August 2008.

This is an unabridged version, nothing has been altered.

8 years have passed, time has flown.

Everybody has grown a teeny bit older.

All of us will grow old in the years to come. Time and youth do not stay still for you.

Reach out for the joy and the sorrow.  Put them away in your mind.

Memories are time that you borrow to spend when you get to tomorrow.

There’s this lovely gushy song that pays homage to BEAUTY and YOUTH and it’s this romantic ballad:


SOFTER than starlight, are you,

Warmer than the winds of June,

And the gentle lips you gave me,

Gayer than laughter, are you,

Sweeter than music, are you,

Angel and lover, heaven and earth,


Let’s get it right here, folks.


Even our dear friends, the manipulating product manufacturers understand this “captive youth market” given the fact that umpteen items are flooding the market ever-so-often to nap the unsuspecting egoistic buyer.

Note the influx of mobile phones that are being “churned” out these days with the latest gadgets. Mobile phones are now positioned asFASHION STATEMENTS rather that instruments of utility. Right?

The psychological factor here is, it’s easier to cajole the youth to part with his dollar because he thinks with his heart and not his head. Mostly.

But for how long can anyone maintain his youth?

Life often has it twists.

We often do not live in the “moment”, but plod hard and worry about the materialistic future, hoping for the day that we would be achieving our first hundreds of million of dollars, thereby ensuring our goal to social security.

But everything has a choice.

And with that CHOICE, comes a PRICE.

The passing of youth is something we can never regain again.


TIME AND TIDE wait for no man.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

But can the same be said when we lose that “spring”?

Younger than spring time?

What price beauty?

Is the same eye candy good enough to be eaten many years later when your looks are waning?

The pictures of these glowing STARS here are currently in their 20s, shrouded as the “epitomes” of virtual beauty and finesse, currently enjoying youth at its prime, and all all goodies that money can ever buy.

Let’s live the good life before we get whacked, yah?

Film stars are derived from an odd species that are not only peculiar, but often very paradoxical.

They toil for years to be recognized and idolized, but when fame beckons and their private lives are torn into tethers by the paparazzi, they then adorn caps and sunglasses to shield them from the public glare.

Then they start deriding the media people whose support has put them on the fast track of success. So much for gratitude!

Stars are often the ones who “adorn masks”, live the REEL life, and harbour grand ambitions and devious inclinations, to protect themselves, in this competitive world of “swimming with the sharks”.

If you are an established producer or super agent and can garner them with a plum role, you therefore have a “utility” and they are more than likely to stick to you like honey.

But if you are just a normal Joe, then spending time with you has to be justified.

Like your best friend’s star is rising in tinsel town, a “wistful” place where absurdities and pitfalls prevail, so there’s only one thing to do: join the bandwagon or entourage.

Be the follower, not the leader, ehhh…

If you like evergreens, then CLIFF RICHARD‘s famous hit best sums it all:


Darling, we’re the YOUNG ONES,


shouldn’t be afraid

To give love

While the flame is strong,


very long.”

Cliff Richard sang that song in 1961.

It’s year 2015 now, folks.


Reality bites, right?

It sucks prime time, man!!

Now listen to CLIFF RICHARD’s sentimental hit “THE YOUNG ONES” from his 1960s MUSICAL MOVIE of the same name.

Such a pity they don’t do breezy feel-good musicals like this anymore.

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