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Isn’t this promotional poster a tad creepy, showing a grotesque mouth displaying fangs behind that screaming lass with dilated pupils?

It wouldn’t be the kind of art you would want to appraise on a dark lonesome night, in the quiet of your room.

Trust me, she is going to be eaten alive, judging from the squirmy picture.

Yet maybe, help is at hand.

It sets the mood and tone of a disturbing tale where you might you might want to curl up close to your loved one in the theatre  and hear the sound of each other’s heart-beat pounding against the mounting eerie sound track.


Because THE DESCENT: PART 2 is very much, a brain teaser blend with the supernatural and the psychotic.

It takes you on a horrific journey into the unknown, charting where DESCENT 1 has left off, challenging your sanity as more secrets are unraveled along the way.

BE PREPARED for one screamish, bumpy ride.

Tarry not.

THE DESCENT: PART 2 may appear to start off at a snail’s pace, but the brutal butchering will keep you on your toes as well as at the edge of your seat as the story unfolds.

The FIRST film was a commercial and critical success, thereby spawning this SEQUEL.

Expect MORE spills and chills as THE DESCENT: PART 2  continues  after the deadly events depicted in DESCENT 1.

Sarah (Shauna MacDonald), emerges alone and shaken from the abyss following an expedition with her five friends in the Appalachian mountains.

Injured and covered with blood of her missing companions, Sarah is incoherent and cowering with fear.

But a skeptical Sheriff Vaines forces her back into the caves with a rescue assembly in the hope of recovering her missing friends.

Trapped by dangerous falling rocks, the rescue party is driven further into the caverns, and as one after another perishes when the fate of the missing girls is revealed, Sarah is forced to confront her own deepest fears.

Things start to go awry as they often will, as the rescue team fights for their dear lives against the bone-chilling crawlers  …..

Then an unexpected survivor looms from the dead.

But this is only the beginning of the spills.

The movie’s mounting tension and claustrophobia, along with its ability to jolt the audience with quick glimpses of the subterranean creatures, added up to an experience that was both emotionally satisfying and viscerally thrilling.

THE DESCENT: PART 2 is a commendable follow-up to the original DESCENT, a grim tale largely enjoyed for all its blood and gore.

And boy, there’s a lot of bloody mayhem in this sequel!

The film is aptly directed by Jon Harris (film editor on “Snatch”, “Stardust” and “Kick-Ass”) in his directorial debut.

He was an editor for “The Descent,” which was directed by Neil Marshall.

Marshall is now the executive producer of “The Descent: Part 2″.

It is a BRITISH film.

Dark. Gruesome. Sinister.

If these unflattering adjectives titillate your inner senses and bring forth the goosebumps, then THE DESCENT: PART 2 is one spooky thriller you should never miss.


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