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SALT Movie Preview. Stunner ANGELINA JOLIE fights and peppers in this STYLISH THRILLER..

SALT Press Preview

The slogan may have screamed “WHO’S SALT?” but it ain’t a condiment in any cooking show.

EVELYN SALT is ANGELINA JOLIE’s screen persona as she bulldozes her way with her hard fists, steely sprints, flying kicks, gigantic leaps and ferocious karate chops to flee from virtually, every law enforcement, in a desperate race against time to prevent the assassination of the Russian President ….. (or to aid in the murder?)

Time is not on her side …..

She is this titular CIA operative who’s unfortunatley being framed as a Russian spy and is on the run.

Faster, JOLIE, faster!

Despite the tussles and the hustles, JOLIE still looks none the worse for wear-and-tear and ends up appearing absolutely stunning and gorgeous (first as a blonde CIA agent and thence brunette as escapee) in full make-up and hair in an impeccable order.

Now, that’s really something!

What can we say about this ravishing beauty with the thick pouting lips and husky voice?

She’s the MICHELLE YEOH of the West.

She acts, she fights and she delivers the fiery action with aplomb.


All at once she is packaging an assortment of roles of the JOLINE heroines from her previous movies,  LARA CROFT to MRS. SMITH to WANTED’s FOX.

Therefore this has to be an elegant stylish thriller.

Right …..

Back to the story.

All EVELYN SALT ever wanted is a cushy desk bound job in the CIA, so that she can find worthwhile time for a decent family life and a loving husband to return home to.

But she has her tables precariously turned on her when an old Russian defector reveals that Russian nationals are infiltrating the CIA agencies, and that SALT is a spy sent by Moscow to assassinate the US President.

WHO IS SALT, really?

Is SALT really working for the Russians? Americans? or Scientologists?

She beats a fast beat and is pursued by  the CIA, FBI, Secret Service and the Russians

Director PHILLIP NOYCE’s convoluted political thriller has JOLIE in a mesmerizing action role braving loads of gunfire, hand-to-hand combats and brutal stunts.

SALT is a mind-boggling and provocative movie with a tight script mastered by KURT WIMMER.

Deeply intense, full of twists and turns, it is spawned with “red herrings” and is a “guess-who-am-I” stand-out feature with ANGELINA JOLIE helming the cast.

It’s been reported that the SALT character was originally written as EDWIN SALT for TOM CRUISE who backed out at the eleventh hour due to filming conflicts and other personal reasons.

Thereupon producers and writers rushed to re-adjust the script to “fit in” JOLIE for the role.

And a refreshing change as that, thank goodness!

ANGELINE JOLIE brings an authentic “touch of spring” to the fierce commanding screen performance  that is required of the SALT character.

She addresses this slick mystery thriller with a good amount of elegance and sophistication.

The ending scene, when the camera pans afar across the SALT character as she is washed ashore from the sea of peril … and she’s heading for an unknown destination, suggests to us that there is this possible sequel in the making.

Well, we shall be waiting.



  1. I really envy her, especially of her puffy lips.

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