Posted by: koolcampus | June 29, 2010

KEN THEERADEJ, Thai Matinee Idol. Just SIZING it UP.

Step aside, ANANDA EVERINGHAM (he’s the lead beautiful boy from Thai horror film SHUTTER).

Here comes KEN THEERADEJ, currently the FOREMOST, albeit – most bankable actor in THAILAND.

KEN is a household name with his slew of highly rated family dramas and a recent successful feature  BANGKOK TRAFFIC LOVE STORY .

He is a beefcake, an intellectual  hunk and he’s very well adored …… ahmmm …endowed.

And like all fallible  humans, he does experience the “rude” unexpected awakening.

He’s after all, a hot blooded male.

If curiosity can kill your cat, read further.

It’s just a matter of SIZE and SIZING it up, man.

“Excuse me, Mind your Naughty Bulge.”

Even celebrities have their fifteen minutes of embarrassment, when the inquisitive paparazzi put them in uncompromising situations, as in the case of heartthrob KEN THEERADEJ.

Check the above titillating pictures.

Everyone around him were doing the respectful “wai” but  observe KEN’s bored expressions.

What was on his mind?

He looked a sultry hapless, but his crotch was growing, gnawing and glowing with seething impatience.

Oh, naughty Ken.

“Oh, what were you thinking?”

“Look, I was just minding my business glorifying myself, can’t I?” he smirked.

Maybe he was wearing tight undies and that “little thing down there” was suffocating for want of fresh air …..

Now, fret not, folks.

Each and everyone of us do get caught off-guard sometimes.

Right ….

Heard of the 60s song:

HOORAY FOR HAZEL, she put me down,

Hooray for Hazel, she made me her clown,

Hooray for Hazel, she’s up to her tricks,

Hooray for Hazel, she’s getting her kicks!

The paparazzi must have had a field day …..

but who on earth is HAZEL anyway?

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