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Let’s check out on ALLAN WU, the personable HOST of AMAZING RACE ASIA.

ALLAN IS AMAZING, but this hunk is no longer available.

Let’s say he has been happily hitched for five years.

He’s one prized possession of WONG LI LIN, SINGAPORE ACTRESS, to have and to hold, now and always.

So GIRLS, you can pass up on this one.

He’s taken.

ALLAN WU‘s fans, specially from the PHILIPPINES, HONG KONGINDONESIA, MALAYSIA and THAILAND  are clueless that this popular hunk is already a happy FAMILY man.

HERE’s one famous Chinese adage:

The SUCCESS of any man is due, in large part, to the SUPPORT of his wife.

Just watch any international presidential campaign.

The presence of the spouse is ever omnipresent.

She’d always be in smiling accompaniment, rendering support by his side.

If a man loves his family, then he is a good leader maketh?

Let’s take a cue from here then.

For WONG LI LIN these days, her immediate world is to be there for her hubby ALLAN WU and her two adorable kids, SAGE and JONAS.

They are currently residing in SINGAPORE.

ALLAN WU is Asian American.

LI LIN’s family is her “rock” – pillar of strength.

She is an established actress in her own right, and a fine one too.

But after her marriage to her beau of eight years, she’s more than contented to prioritize on being a housewife and bringing up the kids.

Love is all around.

I remembered in early 2007, I had contacted LI LIN with an offer of a lead role in a Hong Kong cop-and-robber genre feature, courtesy of my strategic partner in CHINA.

But she politely declined the part that required her to spend almost a month away from home in HONG KONG.

“ALLAN WU is my soulmate, confidante, best friend and hubby,” gushes LI LIN with pride.

For ALLAN WU, the charismatic HOST of the AMAZING RACE ASIA now spawning into Season 3, his BRANDING has grown immensely by leaps and bounds.

He had wasted some mundane years at the SINGAPORE TV STATION  acting in predictable mediocre dramas that sees the real need for him to reinvent his image now.

Because staying ahead needs global perspective.

And the Singapore’s fledging film industry, only now in its infancy stage, has hardly anything worthwhile to offer any established artiste.

So ALLAN WU is casting his net far and wide and looking beyond bondaries, if ever there’s a need to.

Out there, there may be a whole new world – but hey, no venture, no gain, right?

Most of Singapore’s best directors and actors are now making a foray into CHINA for better opportunities. SMART MOVE.

With mindless slapsticks made for the singlish heartlanders (SINGAPORE HDB flat dwellers), there’s hardly any chance for any serious actor to survive in the acting arena.

But ALLAN WU is sturdy as a oak tree.

He’s has proven himself as a charismatic, tireless and respected HOST of the AMAZING RACE ASIA series.

This HUNK is back with a vengeance, taking an aim at everything and everyone.

Let’s take a peek inside the mindset of MR. ALLAN WU, courtesy of WONG LI LIN.

To be the HOST of the AMAZING RACE ASIA is no mean feat,

You need to have the cut for ultimate toughness – to be mud resistant, shock resistant, whatever.

ALLAN WU has delivered his task admirably.


ALLAN and LI LIN bumped into each other at the Artiste Area of one Singapore Television Station in the last quarter of 2001 in between their respective shoots. Courtship followed. They fell in love..

– His hobbies?


– What attracted ALLAN to LI LIN? ALLAN‘s devout sense of filial piety which was apparent during courtship.

– They both described themselves as  hands-on parents.

“Married life is great,” enthuses LI LIN.

“It’s an inevitable tool towards personal growth.”

Here’s wishing this celebrity couple all the best in life and happiness.

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