Posted by: koolcampus | September 21, 2008

JEWELS from the PHILIPPINES. PINOY STARS that will always SHINE.

Now, let’s explore the PHILIPPINE CINEMA LANDSCAPE and unearth some treasures here.

Ah, these are some of the gems that surely glitter :


She’s one of the finest actresses of all times, in the Philippines.

And her name spells box office magic.

She still shines, after all these years, after more than two decades in the Pinoy entertainment.

She has gone from strength to strength, without even a breath of scandal.

She has risen from popular star to megastar over the  years, and her torch is continually blazing the trail.

She is SHARON CUNETA, effervescent philippine actress, singer and host extraordinaire.

She has tons of accolades to her show business status, yet she remains very much the down-to-earth, demure, soft-spoken, benevolent woman, full of warmth.

Yes, she has piled on some pounds, but look at her sparkling eyes – they speak volumes.

Everybody adore here – her family, friends and fans.

Her latest successful film THE CARE GIVER is one touching tale on the travails of an overseas worker who sacrifices her teaching position for a much better paying job as a nurse in London, so as to be with her no good, self-indulgent husband.

This is definitely another feature that’s going to garner her another best actress recognition.



My Pinoy friends are fast to claim that JERICHO‘s popularity is fast dimming on the Philippine entertainment track.

Of course, there will be many die-hards who will beg to differ.

Yet there’s always the prospect of overseas fame to make up for this loss since he is currently wrapping up a drama series shot in Malaysia and the Philippines.

You win some, you lose some.


JERICHO is the perennial bad boy, and there are simply too many rumors of her dalliance with a really gorgeous Malaysian female artiste –CARMEN SOO, better known as a beautiful model than as an accomplished actress.

Then the famous break-up with HEART EVANGELISTA, his off screen sweetheart of three years is getting him bad vibes everywhere.

Poor JERICHO, let’s see if his new ABS-CBN and DOUBLE VISION joint soap opera is going to “lift him up above all these problems”.

For sure, JERICHO is perceived as a better and larger-than-life actor in the cinema than on television.

Let’s see how ratings fare when this soap series finally hit the small screen. The previous two Philippine-Malaysian collaborations had left much to be desired.

Maybe the JERICHO ROSALES and CARMEN SOO formula will save the day this time as JERICHO has a huge following in Malaysia.

With all the bad press lately, JERICHO certainly deserves a break.

Best of luck, JERICHO.


COCO MARTIN caught my attention when I watched him on Daybreak, Tambolista and the Masseur.

He is due to bare his frontals in a forthcoming art house flick called SERBIS.

And he’s not even batting an eyelid as this is ART and it is his profession.

The great thing about COCO is that he is bold, daring and adventurous.

And is experimental when it comes to a diversity of film roles, following in the footsteps of EWAN McGREGOR.

I would not call COCO MARTIN handsome in the real sense of the word, but he has that immense charisma and his charm just seeps into you in all his movies.

Let’s say COCO is cute, lest I get slaughtered by his fans.

It’s a lot better than being a pretty boy pin-up with no talent.

COCO MARTIN is one star that will shine ever so brightly in the years to come, if he is fully dedicated to horning his craft.

We shall see, so stay tuned, folks.


Once in a long while, a shining star will illuminate in the far horizon.

Such is the case of JOEM BASCON.

“You’ve to watch out for our big screen’s newbie JOEM BASCON,”  film director ADOLF ALIX JR enthused. “This guy’s going places.”

Going where?

Of course, with ADOLF’s films doing the international film festival circuits, the name JOEM BASCON would soon and surely, be a recognized name outside of the Philippines as well.

JOEM oozes:

  • Star quality

  • Screen presence

  • Disarming smile that reeks playfulness.

  • Kind-of-younger-brother version of PIOLO PASCUAL.  Strong semblance of youth and innocence and will give PIOLO a run for his money.

JOEM has already collaborated with film director ADOLF in two of his features, BATANES and ADELA.

And there’s one soon-to-shot Asian feature called KALAYAAN starring alongside THAI actor ANANDA EVERINGHAM of SHUTTER fame, co-produced by KEN CHU from F4.

With his mentor ADOLF ALIX JR grooming him for regional stardom, what more would a big screen newbie wish for?

A shining star?

Light up your torch in Asia soon, JOEM!

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