Posted by: koolcampus | August 10, 2008

The BIRDS and the BEES, Part 1. The ART of SEX versus SUPPRESSIONS.





Yo ho, man.


I am crossing sensitive boundary again …..

with this designed strictly-for-adult RESTRICTED ZONE.

The subject is SEX, ZEN and their implications.

My target audience is celebrities, film makers and ad people who’re aesthetic enough to appreciate the finer things in life other than material wealth.

I am not here to titillate anybody ….

nor to pique controversy.

It’s either a matter of good taste, bad taste or art’s taste.

To each his own.

It’s something we all know, yet nonetheless is food-for-thought here.

And if any nice person is offended by my content and provocative pictures here, please write to me and I will gladly oblige to delete all and sundry here.

Because I know that the pictorials will surely make your heart skip a beat if you do not allow religious beliefs to cloud your judgement here.

Often, I like to sip my tea and let my thoughts take flight.

I had recently finished re-reading a naughty 1928 book LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER by D.H.LAWRENCE that was banned once upon a time for its explicitness in sexual content.

It explores unbridled sex and sexuality during the Victorian days, and it was deemed a bold approach to what was strictly taboo then – sexual intercourse in novels.

A genre like LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER would be deemed “tame” these days.

We move on with the times and technology.

Somehow things change.

SEX is food for our souls.

Even the celebrities and world leaders are at it.

Pretty normal these days, huh.

Yet, when it comes to the topic of THE BIRDS and the BEES, how far can we go?

For sure, the birds chirp merrily

and the bees buzz happily.

And when we undrape the human form, is it obscenity when it comes to exposing the full genitalia?

GOD has created genitalia for the genders.

What is Art?

And what is not when it comes to SEX?

How do we play by the rules?

SEX is metaphorized as the BIRDS and the BEES.

BIRDS are like men with penises.

BEES are like women with vaginas.

MEN impregnate eggs.

WOMEN give birth.

SEX is therefore the key for survival of both.

“Let’s do it ! Let’s fall in love !”

For virgins, SEX should be performed rightfully with the one you love.

In ASIA, our values tend to be more traditional than our Western counterparts where SEX is observed as a rite to be consummated after marriage.

Yet again, with the advent of the internet and art house films, morals change.

There’s often a lot of pressure to lose one’s virginity, that is, having sexual intercourse for the first time.

So let’s say that daddy and mummy get married, have sex, live happily ever after and propagate the family tree.

Therefore, the proper SEX exists for:

MARITAL PLEASURE (every normal being is at it),

UNITY (the intimate fusion of two naked bodies bound in physical and spiritual love) and

PROCREATION (the man “deposits” his semen inside the female during sexual intercourse, and it will take 9 months for the teeny “peach blossom” to bloom).

Other than these?

Go guess – but just don’t come up with something ridiculous, please.

Loosen up, folks!


  1. where can i find the book “LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER by D.H.LAWRENCE” from? sounds pretty interesting to me. somehow your posts are pretty mind-questioning😉

  2. Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂

    – Marc Shaw

  3. Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google. Enjoy this read and I’ll bookmark your site for sure.

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