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VIVIAN HSU, SEXY ACTRESS. Waif-like Innocence and Naivete personified.


Guess who’s the reigning QUEEN of Sex Appeal in Asian Cyberspace?


Miss popular perennial sex pot HSU QI does not even comes close, in terms of votes.

IF LOOKS CAN BELIE, then the face of VIVIAN HSU tells a thousand tales.

Her sweet, angelic face and doleful eyes certainly reek disarming innocence.

She is the kind you’d want to shield from being engulfed by this dangerous show business arena.

If you follow entertainment gossip closely, then you’d know that the celluloid world is very much like the naughty Hollywood series SEX AND THE CITY.

Of course sex sells, and maybe we should take a cue from EDISON CHEN who teaches us on how to perform diabolical sex to silly aspiring nymphets.

Now back to VIVIAN who is cool, stoic, street-smart and is anything but her “child-like” demeanor.

She is also one incredibly sexy woman, and oozes immnese appeal, has substance over form and a “please help me” pixie look that can get any awestruck guy all hot and heavy.

VIVIAN is likened to the 60s French sex kitten called BRIGITTE BARDOT who “purrs” pure sex at all times.

Most sexy sirens are positioned as the “come-hither-fuxx-me” type – bitchy and forgettable, but VIVIAN has a virginal sweetie pie face that “dwells” atop a voluptuous body.

That’s what makes VIVIAN so special.

And VIVIAN is Taiwan’s sultry export to the fickle world of sexism and fickle entertainment.

She is hugely popular in JAPAN and KOREA, where she is attaining A-lister STAR immunity by now.

So are you man enough or…. can VIVIAN wet up your sexual appetite with a little bit of wild and frenzied imagination?

You can’t deny it’s great for an uplifting sex life, a la tantric sex. Ha Ha.

Here’s how JAY O’TOOLE sums up sex appeal:

“We know how fickle bodies are,

Attraction will be gone,

We hope to some day be a STAR

but end up known by none.

How sad that sex appeal’s so thin

The beauty that we hoped to win,

Now sings another’s song!”

VIVIAN was discovered in 1990 when she won a talent contest in Taipei. Immediately after, she was contracted as one of the trio in a female band called SHAO NU DUI or PRETTY GIRLS BAND. Unfortunately this “PRETTY” band did not see the light of day, and suffered a sad fate.

Smart VIVIAN went on to “take the short cut route” by doing a sensual nude photo album called ANGEL HEART in 1995, and was soon awarded with 2 movie offers for artistic soft porns.

One was called NAUGHTY ANGEL and the other  – ANGEL HEART, a la Lolita genre.

The nude albums and flicks brought her instant stardom, much to her relief and spurred her to do 2 more nude photo albums, this time called VENUS and DEVIL ANGEL in 1996.

JAPAN took notice of her nubile beauty and dare-to-bare artistry and encouraged by the unwavering support of the Japanese, she decided to sing again.

She released a hit single simultaneously in JAPAN and TAIWAN in 1995. Results were amazingly successful.

VIVIAN HSU finally achieved her dream to release her solo CD album called ANGEL DREAMING in 1996. She also recorded the KOREAN VERSION of this album after only 2 weeks of crash learning of the KOREAN language.  Such was the experimental side of VIVIAN.

She made JAPAN her base in 2001/2 where she was a regular host and guest of JAPANESE VARIETY PROGRAMS.  She even formed a JAPANESE BAND then.

In 2003 she flew back to TAIWAN and continued working there after achieving break-through fame in JAPAN and KOREA.

She has another latent talent – lyrics writing.

She has written for JAY CHOU and LEE HOM, to name a few.

Her star is on the rise year by year, specially so in KOREA and JAPAN.

In native TAIWAN, she is respected as an established artiste, but the adulation is never the same.

As you can see, everything is always “angel about VIVIAN HSU.

It’s the word that garners fame for her for more than one decade.

And that’s a pretty long time by now.

Now, with an angelic face to die for as in VIVIAN‘s, how can one possibly go wrong?

This is evident in her constant demand of appearing in KOREAN soaps and films and product endorsements.


Waif-like innocence and naivete personified.


  1. Nice pics. She looks good.

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