Posted by: koolcampus | April 5, 2008

RAW SEX APPEAL paves the way for dare-to-bare HARRY LAUREL.




Surely, nods HARRY LAUREL.

It’s just part of the job.

To survive in this awesome, lonesome show business in the PHILIPPINES, you’ve just got to be daring.

No kidding!

Showing skin is akin to nothing.

There are simply too many fishes in the ocean, swimming with the sharks.

The competition is keen, so you’ve just got to give your all.

But it pays to open your eyes to those around you

and identify who are your real friends lest you get eaten alive.

HARRY LAUREL shows what’s it takes to titillate one’s mind, when he starred in the controversial Filipino indie movie MAN IN THE LIGHT HOUSE.

Produced on digital beta format hurriedly over a period of three shooting days on a modest budget, this film explores the complex love affair of a very confused bisexual young dude who is balling his exotic girl friend as well as his new found flame, a hapless lovelorn male copywriter.

To shoot a full-length movie within a short span of three working days for cinematic release is no mean feat for any film maker.

Check this one out, folks.

For his first-time feature, HARRY is indeed having a whale of an erotic time, exploring the best of “both gender” worlds.

And how did he feel about his gamely new experience?

“It’s really OK.  I am taking it as doing a professional job as required of an actor,” would be his earnest answer.

HARRY LAUREL is cute and personable, and is the latest Pinoy (Filipino) pin-up model and actor who bares all and sundry for torrid love making scenes that might make your eyes blink and have you squirming in your seat.

His full frontal nudity coupled with bold penile erection might create the necessary publicity for him, but let’s see if HARRY is lucky to make it big on the big screen after this one.

“I am proud of this glorious thing that God has given me and I am prepared to share it with all,” he quips in jest.

HARRY LAUREL is a Pinoy Hottie and is barely 23 years of age.

He is sensual and daring and is determined to make a name for himself in his own right.

No holds barred.

And there’s no stopping him.

He has good looks without doubt, and a gymfit bod, and if any producer can see beyond all the sizzles and screen sex and give Harry a chance to really act in a decent role, then this guy might go places!

Here’s how to stay fit and healthy, the HARRY LAUREL’s way:


Achieving the body to die for has its price.


However much you might hate the idea of the gym, it can be extremely effective and convenient in terms of your fitness goals and it doesn’t have to be boring. Remember, your ultimate reward is looking great and feeling sensational.


Looking radiant for close-up scenes?

Surely you do.

Well weight loss is definitely for life and not just after Christmas.

Also, find a way to eat that works, and yet doesn’t make you feel like you are depriving yourself.

You’d see the shine on your face and cheeks when you shed some weight.


Feeling bloated or constipated?

“Clearing your bowels” is NOT an ugly term.

Eat wisely and chew nicely.

Visit the loo once a day for the “hard” clearance.

An inefficient bowel is the genesis of several major degenerative diseases, including cancer.

Good health starts with good digestion. Your bowels need to be working very efficiently in order to remove the body’s waste.

An efficient digestive system will be like a washing machine where the waste pipe feeds straight back into the drum.

Thanks for the health-and-fitness tips, HARRY.

And we are wishing you all the luck for a joyful career.

You will always be the bold and the beautiful.

For sure!

LAST HEARD OF HARRY LAUREL from the grapevine in the last quarter of 2008:

HARRY has packed his bags and relocated to MACAU of the infamous casinos.

What HARRY is doing there, nobody really knows.

A PINOY newbie filming in MACAU is surely, a far-fetched idea.

Personal reasons, he offers.

Now, go guess.


  1. Good article, I have followed the career of Harry and rate his performance in the movie, he was not wooden in any way. Have you any news on what Harry is now up to?? he did appear on the front cover of a magazine in the summer “Frontman” I paid for a copy to be sent to the UK but it never arrived.

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