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Who says you can’t be both?

I have known ANTHONY SANDSTROM for some years now, and usually girls go ga-ga over this new age guy who has been stirring hearts wherever he goes, and whatever he does.

For ANTHONY, every New Year heralds new directions and new aspirations.

They say you should try anything once, and ANTHONY has dabbled in various ventures more than once, and developed passion and notable success in some of these.

Of Norwegian and North American native Indian parentage, ANTHONY has been a fashion model for a little more than 10 years, starting from Thailand and reaching out to the rest of Asia.

He is blessed with exotic good looks and in Thailand, where he has lived for 4 full years on and off, many people still mistake him as a fellow Thai.

ANTHONY loves Thailand for the sparkling, sprawling beaches, the avant garde clubs and the yummy spicy foods

He is well sought after for many fashion spreads and is the toast of fashion gurus everywhere. He also endorsed numerous consumer products. Since 10 years ago, his career has always been on a meteoric rise.

He enjoys outdoor sports immensely, and used to race professional motor cross for years.

In the early part of 2007, he started racing motor cross again, competing in the China National MX championships.

ANTHONY won the first events, incurred competitive jealousy, and was protested against as he was a foreigner,and the Organisers changed the ruling to allow only China/Hong Kong national paticipation, so ANTHONY was unfairly ousted out of the series.

Due to overexposure as a model in Thailand, ANTHONY relocated to HONG KONG in 2005 for new challenges and a change in work environment, and re-invented his modelling career there. He achieved notable success in the Republic and recently endorses a ZEGNA worldwide campaign job, which should be launched any time in 2008.

HONG KONG now becomes his second home, next to Canada. He loves the city for the excitement and opportunities.

ANTHONY SANDSTROM moonlights as a professional and popular DJ and he has done stints in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Korea where he is affectionately known as DJ ANTWONE.

He has a current squeeze JOCELYN LUKO, a beautiful model from HAWAII who is also modelling in Hong Kong and they plan to get hitched in 2008 in Hawaii.

This is for real. Despite all he has attained, ANTHONY SANDSTROM has no airs about him, and remains very approachable and humble.

“Life is more than just work,” he quips, “and you have to find time for your friends and loved ones and appreciate everything around you. To attain a happy life, never take anything for granted. When I bag a modelling job, I tell myself that the ” Modelling Gods” have given me this chance to be the marketing spokesman for this product of which I am grateful. There is always a better looking model round the corner.”


Well, ANTHONY is developing a financial business plan within the next few years in North America, probably Canada.

ANTHONY SANDSTROM has persistence, resourcefulness, charm and diligence.

His is a life affecting and truly inspiring.

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